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Research is integral part of the game and is managed in research screen.

Research screen


There are three different categories for research: engineering, natural sciences and social sciences. Each category has several different projects that can be reseached.


Performing research requires research points. These are produced by various buildings. Total research point production is shown at the top of the screen.


On the left side of screen, three slots represent different categories of research that can be performed. Each category can have only one research active at any given time. Clicking a slot will show research that is currently available on the right side of the screen.

Progress of research is shown under project name. It starts from zero and project completes when it reaches the cost that is shown after slash.

Thrash can on the right edge of a project slot can be used to cancel the project. This takes effect immediately upon clicking.

Available research

Research that is available for currently selected slot is show on the right side. In addition to the name of the research, also cost is shown. Clicking research will initiate it immediately.

Only small subset of all research is available at any given time. When progress is made, additional research will unlock.

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