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Person view displays known information about one person.

Person page


Details section shows general information of the character, including name, age and gender to name just few.

Dynasty indicates which major hourse person belongs to. Dynasties are important as often holdings of deceased ruler are passed forward inside their dynasty. Crafty people can arrange favorable marriages to their heirs and try to enlarge their domain by rather means of inheritance than war.

Location of character is based on intel. Without suitable intel there is no way of knowing where somebody is.

Opinion is given as a pair, where first element is player character’s opinion of the viewed character and second one is viewed character’s estimated opinion of the player. When there’s sufficient amount of intel, these are given in numeric formation, ranging from -100 (worst) to 100 (best). If sufficient information is missing, only estimate with three levels (negative, neutral, positive) is given.

This section also displays list of intel types that are available about this person. The more intel types are available, the more other information is available in other sections of the view.


If the person is ruler of some sort of region (ie. planet or star system), regions ruled directly by them are shown here. Without demesne intel type only primary title and regions directly related to it are shown. With demesne intel type all ruled regions are listed.


Relations section shown how this person relates to other people. Family ties, friendships and rivalries are some of the things shown here. Relations are divided in three groups: public relations, relations only known by family and secret relations. Public relations are always known, but other two depend on intel types family relations and secret relations. Note that having access to secret relations info is enough to also display family relations.

For each relation, estimation on opinion of that person is shown. This estimate is based on the knowledge that player character has about people of the relation. Generally, the better the intel, the better the estimation reflects reality. However, it’s possible that the player character has access to information that one of the parties doesn’t have and thus result might be incorrect.


Stats section displays how well this person is capable of performing certain actions. Having access to this information depends on having stats intel.

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