toy simulation about space

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News and Messages

As the game is turn based, messages window allows reviewing of what happened recently and keeping track of ever expanding imperium.

Messages page

Latest news

Left side of the screen is reserved for messages. Controls on the top are used to move to different pages if there are more messages than fit on single page. Each message has thrashcan icon that is used to mark it read and remove from the screen.

Submitting news

On the right side are controls that are used to submit news. These user generated news are delivered to every member of the faction. While not useful long discussion and planning, this allows quickly writing a short message and delivering it to everyone in the faction.

Special events

Special event

Sometimes there are special events that require decision to be made. Any memeber of the faction can choose which course of action should be taken by clicking the corresponding title. Underneath of the title likely results are explained. Event is then resolved at the end of current turn. Sometimes one turn is enough to take care of the event, while other times the same event might linger for multiple turns. In any case, as long as the choices are visible, player can change their decision.

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